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FORUM Lecture Series

Summer Semester 2019

While research at the former universities of applied sciences was rather a marginal topic, the universities of applied sciences have now established themselves as solid scientific players. Regional innovation engines, the interface between science, teaching and practice, product- and application-oriented research: the Universities of Applied Sciences in general and Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in particular stand for innovative projects and research projects - and close links with companies in the region.

Today, all Baden-Württemberg universities have a research department, often referred to as the Institute for Applied Research. These units serve as an organisational umbrella for research activities and act as a central point of contact for companies. Offenburg University of Applied Sciences has been one of the leading applied research institutions in Baden-Württemberg for many years. With numerous research projects, it contributes as a reliable partner to the innovative strength of the region.

In addition to the central Institute for Applied Research (IAF), eight cross-faculty research institutes have now been established as central facilities at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg. Here, research teams work in close exchange with partners from industry and society on concrete research questions and thus enable the transfer of knowledge and technology into practice.

This dynamic nature of the "research" task area was the reason to take a detailed look at the university's research activities in the forum series for the 2018/2019 winter semester. "Research on Campus" is therefore the name of the Forum lecture series that we will be continuing this summer semester to provide insights into the diverse subject areas and work focuses of the research institutes at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.

All lectures start at 7 p.m., admission is free. Afterwards there will be a standing reception.

  •   Campus Offenburg, Badstraße 24
  •   Building D, Room D-001 (ground floor)

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