Partner Universities

Offenburg University of Applied Sciences maintains relationships with many universities worldwide. Most partnership agreements, particularly those in the framework of the ERASMUS programs are study program-related and are valid only in their respective study programs.

Please take care when choosing a partner university. In particular, make sure that the lecture schedules, language of instruction, and courses offered fit into your studies. We recommend that you consult with the international supervisor of your study program/department. He or she can advise you regarding appropriate course selection and the best period during your studies for a stay abroad.

Find suitable partner universities (below), read the section "Studying at a Partner University"(in German), and then come in for a personal consultation at the International Office.

Abbreviations: PS = internship, SM = study semester, Thesis: Final project

Partner Universities of Offenburg University of Applied Sciences

 Add. Information 
AustriaFachhochschule St PöltenUNITS, MIMuKGerman, English, European Project Semester (E.P.S.) in English (MI only)SM, PSERASMUS
AustriaNew Design Universitym.gpGermanSMERASMUS
BrazilUniversidade Federal de Santa CatarinaMA, MEMME, ECMPortuguese; most of the professors are able to speak German and/or EnglishSM, PS, Thesis
BrazilUniversidade Federal do ABCon inquiryon inquiryPortuguese, EnglishSM, PS, Thesis
BrazilUniversidade Regional de BlumenauAI, EI, MA, ME, VT, WI, BWPortuguese, English (only business administration courses)SM, PSarrangement of internships in companies
BulgariaTechnical University of SofiaAI, MA, MKMMEGermanSMERASMUS
BulgariaTechnical University of VarnaAI, EI, EP, WI, WIN, UVPDEEnglishSMERASMUS, English B1
ChileUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa MaríaVT, MA, BW, MI, EI, WIMME, WIM, BWM, EIMSpanishSMSpanish minimum A2
China (VR)Hong Kong Baptist UniversityBW, MIEnglishSMDAAD-Language Certificate
China (VR)University of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaAI, EI, EI-plusEIMEnglishSMDAAD-Language Certificate
ColombiaFundación Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo LozanoVTSpanishSM, PS, Thesis
ColombiaUniversidad Nacional de ColombiaVTSpanishSM
Costa RicaUniversidad VERITASMI, m.gpSpanishSMFrom SS 2018 on, there will be no more classes offered in English Spanish minimum B1
CroatiaPolytechnic in PozegaBW, LHCroatian, some classes are offered in EnglishSMERASMUS, English B1
DenmarkSyddansk UniversitetWI, MA, MK, VT, AI, EIWIMEnglish (Danish)SMERASMUS, English B2, 2 years previous study = 120 ECTS
DenmarkVia University College, School of Business, Technology & Creative IndustriesLHEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2, DAAD-Language Certificate
DenmarkVia University College, School of Business, Technology & Creative IndustriesWI, MA, MI, AI, WINEnglish (Danish)SMERASMUS, English B2, DAAD-Language Certificate
EstoniaTallinn UniversityMI, m.gpMuKEnglish (Estonian)SMERASMUS, English B2, only School of Digital Technologies
FinlandCentria University of Applied SciencesAI, EI, EI-plusEnglish (Finnish)SMERASMUS, English B2
FinlandHÄME University of Applied SciencesMA, MK, AI, EI, WIN, BW, LHEnglish (Finnish)SM, PS (for IT, upon request)ERASMUS, English B1
FinlandOulu University of Applied SciencesBW, WI, AI, WINEnglish (Finnish)SMERASMUS, English B2
FinlandSaimaa University of Applied SciencesMA, VTEnglish (Finnish)SMERASMUS, English B1
FranceECAM Lyon Graduate School of EngineeringES, MA, MEEnglish, FrenchSMERASMUS, English B2 / French B1
FranceEcole Nationale d´Ingénieurs de TarbesMA,MEFrench, European Project Semester (E.P.S.) in EnglishSM, PSERASMUS, English / French B1
FranceECAM Strasbourg-EuropeMA, WIMME, WIMFrenchSMERASMUS, French B1
FranceEcole des Métiers de l'EnvironnementVTMPEFrench, EnglishSMERASMUS, French / English B2
FranceInstitut National des Sciences Appliquées de Strasbourg (INSA)MA, ME, MK, EI, ES, VTMMEFrench, EnglishSMERASMUS, French B1
FranceUniversité Catholique de Lyon, ESDESBW, WIBWM, WIMFrench, EnglishSMERASMUS, only business courses, DAAD-Language Certificate min. English B2 / French B2
FranceUniversité Grenoble Alpes, Polytech GrenobleMI, EI, MT, ME, AIEIM, CMEFrenchSMERASMUS, French B1
FranceUniversité de Strasbourg, UFR Physique et IngénierieMA, WIMME, WIMFrenchSMERASMUS, only Double Degree
FranceUniversité de Strasbourg, IUT de HaguenauEI3natFrenchSMfor EI3nat students only
HungaryBudapest Business SchoolBW, LHEnglish, German, HungarianSMERASMUS, English B2
IndiaInstitute of Management Technology (IMT)BWM, WIMEnglishSM
IrelandCork Institute of TechnologyMA, EIEIMEnglishSMERASMUS, EIM only research projects, English B1
IrelandDublin Business SchoolBW, WIEnglishSMtuition fee, no ERASMUS, English B1
ItalyUniversità degli Studi di Roma «Tor Vergata»MAMMEItalianSMERASMUS, Italian B1
ItalyUniversità degli Studi di BresciaBW, WIBWM, WIMItalianSMERASMUS, only business courses
ItalyUniversità degli Studi di PaviaBW, WIBWM, WIMItalian, 2-year Master "International Business and Management" in EnglishSMERASMUS, only business courses, English B1
JapanEhime UniversityVTMPEJapanese, EnglishPS, Thesis
LatviaLiepaja UniversityMI, m.gpMuKEnglish (Latvian)SMERASMUS, English B2
LatviaRiga Technical UniversityEIEIMEnglish (Latvian)SMERASMUS, English B1
LithuaniaKaunas University of TechnologyMIMuKEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2
LithuaniaVilniaus UniversitetasMIMuKEnglishSMERASMUS, English B1
MalaysiaMultimedia UniversityBW, MIEnglishSMDAAD-Language Certificate
MalaysiaUniversiti Tenaga NasionalAI, EI, EI-plus, EP, EP-plus, MA, MIEIM, MMEEnglishSMDAAD-Language Certificate
MexicoTecnológico de MonterreyBW, WI, MI, MA, VT, ES, ME, MK, AI, EI, WIN, UNITS, LHWIMSpanish, EnglishSMDAAD-Language Certificate B2 English
MexicoUniversity of GuadalajaraVT, BW, MI, WI, MK, EIBWM, WIM, EIMSpanish, some classes are offered in English in CUCEA (Ciencias Economico Administrativas)SM
MoroccoUniversité Cadi AyyadE+IFrench, (English)SMFrench B1, (English B1), only for the project green:light for Marocco
MoroccoUniversité Ibn ZohrE+IFrench, (English)SMFrench B1, (English B1), only for the project green:light for Marocco
NamibiaUniversity of NamibiaAI, BW, EI, MA BMWEnglishSMEnglish B2
NetherlandsFontys University of Applied SciencesLH, aBMEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2
NetherlandsSaxion University of Applied SciencesBWEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2, only the programs Digital Marketing and Smart Solutions Semester
NetherlandsSaxion University of Applied SciencesMIEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2, only programs of Art & Technology
NetherlandsSaxion University of Applied SciencesBWEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2
New ZealandSouthern Institute of TechnologyBW, LH, MI,, WINBWM, DEC, WINM EnglishSMtuition fee, DAAD-Language Certificate B2
PolandPoznan University of TechnologyMA, ME, AIWIM, EIM, MME, CMEPolish, Master partially in EnglischSMERASMUS, English B1
PolandUniversity of Warmia and Mazury in OlsztynBW, LHMPE, MBTPolish, EnglishSMERASMUS, English B1
PortugalInstituto Politécnico de BragançaWI, AI, EI, MA, MIECM, MME, EIMPortugese, EnglishSMERASMUS, English B1
RussiaBauman Moscow State Technical UniversityMA, MEMMERussianSM
RussiaCentral Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM)MA, MERussianPS, Thesis
RussiaChechen State Pedagogical UniversityAI, WINRussianSM
RussiaKhabarovsk State Academy of Economics and LawBWBWMRussian, some classes are offered in EnglishSM
RussiaPeter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic UniversityBW, MI, AI, EIEIM, MMERussianSM
RussiaPetrozavodsk State UniversityEIEIMRussianSM
SpainUniversidad de BurgosBW, MI, EI, MABWMSpanish, some classes are offered in English, learninng materal and exams in English possibleSMERASMUS, English / Spanish B1
SpainUniversitat Ramon Llull IQSMA, WISpanish, EnglishSMERASMUS, English B1
SpainUniversitat Rovira i VirgiliAI, EI, MA, (VT)ECMCatalan or Spanish English for Thesis or LaboratorySMERASMUS, Spanish B1
SpainUniversitat de ValenciaEIEIM, CMESpanishSMERASMUS, Spanish B1
SwedenHögskolan DalarnaECMEnglish (Swedish)SMERASMUS, English B2
SwedenHögskolan i GävleBWEIM, WIM, BWMEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2
Switzerland Berner FachhochschuleAI, EI, EI-plus, MAECMGermanSMSwiss-European Mobility Programme
SwitzerlandEcole d´ingénieurs et d´architectes de FribourgAI, EI, ES, MA, MK, VT, WIFrenchSMSwiss-European Mobility Programme, French B1
SwitzerlandHSR Hochschule für Technik RapperswilEI, AI, ES, ME, MA, VTGermanSMSwiss-European Mobility Programme
Switzerland Haute Ecole Arc IngénierieEI3natFrenchSMfor EI3nat students only
TaiwanNational Taipei University of TechnologyMA, MK, VT, EI, WINMME, EIMEnglish (Chinese)SMEnglish B2
TaiwanProvidence UniversityBW, MIBWMEnglish (Chinese)SMDAAD-Language Certificate
ThailandKasetsart UniversityAI, BW, EI, MA, MK, MI, VT, WIEnglish (Thai)SM,PS, ThesisDAAD-Language Certificate
TurkeyOkan ÜniversitesiBW, WIEnglish (Turkish)SMERASMUS, only business courses, English B1
TurkeyIstanbul Technical UniversityBWEnglish (Turkish)SMERASMUS, English B1
TurkeyIzmir University of EconomicsMI, m.gpEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2
TurkeyToros ÜniversitesiBW, LHBWMEnglishSMERASMUS, English B1
TurkeyTrakya ÜniversitesiMAMMEEnglish (Turkish)SMERASMUS, English B1
UKEdinburgh Napier UniversityMI, UNITSEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2, only School of Computing
UKEdinburgh Napier Universityall except for MTon inquiryEnglishSMtuition fee, non EU students pay overseas tution fees, no ERASMUS, English B2
UKLeeds Beckett UniversityBW,, MIEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2
UKThe University of Northumbria at NewcastleEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2, only for PhD students in the Department of B+W
UKThe University of Northumbria at NewcastleMA,, MIMuKEnglishSMERASMUS, English B2
USAAuburn UniversityMA, BM, ES, ME, MK, VTEnglishSMDAAD-Language Certificate English min. B2
USAOregon State UniversityEI, AIEIM, CMEEnglishPS, ThesisInternship unpaid
USAThe University of AlabamaMA, BM, ES, ME, MK, VTEnglishSMDAAD-Language Certificate English min. B2
USAThe University of Alabama at BirminghamMA, BM, ES, ME, MK, VTEnglishSMDAAD-Language Certificate English min. B2
USAThe University of Alabama in HuntsvilleMA, BM, ES, ME, MK, VTBWM, DEC, MME, WIMEnglishSMDAAD-Language Certificate English min. B2
USAUniversity of South AlabamaMA, BM, ES, ME, MK, VTMMEEnglishSMDAAD-Language Certificate English min. B2
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