Trinational Metropolitan Region

Our Trinational Metropolitan Region offers many possibilities. It is one of the most innovative regions in Europe characterized by a research based on scientific principles, by reconsideration of common approaches and solutions, by short innovation cycles and by a very vivid exchange of information and experiences.

The Offenburg University of Applied Sciences is strongly involved in the Trinational Metropolitan Region of the Upper Rhine Valley and plays an important role as an agency for scientific cooperations. A total of sixty-seven universities, research institutions, innovation facilities with 20,000 researchers, and over 170,000 students are based in this region.

The Trinational Metropolitan Region consists out of four areas,  including Alsace, North-West-Switzerland, Southern Pfalz and Baden. In these areas of Germany, France and Switzerland, people have a common natural heritage. Nevertheless, the region is characterized by a great cultural diversity and it offers a high quality of life and a thriving location for business and science. The variety of cultures and traditions are a base reason for this extraordinary prosperity of this region, which is situated in the heart of Europe.