From the wide world to Offenburg

By: pak
[Translate to english:] 131 Studierende aus aller Welt haben zum Wintersemester 2018/19 ihr Studium an der Hochschule Offenburg aufgenommen. Die internationalen "Erstis" stammen aus 33 Ländern.

Welcome to Offenburg: In winter semester 2018/19, 131 students from all over the world began their studies at Offenburg University  The new Master students come from 33 countries, most of them from India and Poland. Of the international Master's programs, Process Engineering is the front-runner with 35 new students, followed by International Business Consulting with 30 new students. This is followed by Communication and Media Engineering (26) and Power and Data Engineering (24). The new Biotechnology Master's program was able to attract 15 international students to Ortenau right from the start. In Energy Conversion and Management, there is another new entry this year; the course will no longer be offered in the future, as it merges into the new Master's degree program in Power and Data Engineering, which offers a special focus on computer science in energy technology.

In 1998, Offenburg University was the first university in Germany to introduce international master's programs. Last but not least, the attractive English courses at the Graduate School attract highly qualified students from all over the world. Over 12% of the university's students come from abroad. They are intensively supported by the International Office and the Graduate School: accommodations are arranged, a summer language course is organized, personal support and advice is offered by the team members and the members of the Senior Service, varied activities are organised...