Top Grades for Offenburg University

The various study and supervision models at the university are bearing fruit: In all the study programmes examined, the students surveyed were extremely satisfied with the supervision and support they received during their studies. They consistently praised the social climate, the didactic skills of the teaching staff and the support provided in organisational and content-related matters and placed the university in the top group. Rector Winfried Lieber was very pleased with the results of this year's study: "Rankings are a great topic for debate. Nevertheless, it is always better to be at the forefront than to have to question the meaningfulness of poor results. This is precisely why we are proud that the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg again scores very well in the current evaluations of the Centre for Higher Education Development".

The bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and materials technology was particularly successful: Here, the top group was not only reached in terms of supervision, but also in all the categories examined. These include, among other things, the courses on offer, stays abroad, IT equipment and vocational orientation. For the latter, the students particularly appreciated the help they received in making the transition to a career, the relevance of the qualifications they obtained in their field of work and the range of student projects on offer.

"We are proud of a very good, competent and highly motivated team that trains young people with a great deal of commitment for future work in the innovative engineering professions," says Prof. Dr. Grit Köhler, Vice Dean of Teaching at the Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering, commenting on the excellent results of the Mechanical and Materials Engineering degree courses. "Particularly important to us is the high practical relevance of our entire training, which is expressed both in the close interaction between the lectures and the student training in state-of-the-art laboratories and in close cooperation with the medium-sized companies in the region. This practical relevance is expressly praised by our students. Our students also appreciate the uncomplicated and individual support of our colleagues in the not always easy introductory phase of their studies, but also during their entire studies.

In the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Medical Technology and Computer Science, the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg was able to achieve further very good results in the study courses Electrical Engineering/Information Technology, Mechatronics and Medical Technology. In addition to the very good supervision and support during their studies, the courses also ranked among the best in the category of course offerings and study organization. "I am delighted that we have again achieved a top result in this year's ranking in terms of student mentoring and support during our studies," says Prof. Dr. Stephan Trahasch, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Medical Technology and Computer Science. "The very good contact between students and teachers and the excellent supervision are an important basis for a successful course of studies. The ranking offers very good arguments for deciding to study at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg".

In addition to the very good supervision, the students also praised the IT equipment, the availability of computer workstations and subject-specific software. In addition, the medical technology and mechatronics degree courses each achieved a place in the top group in the career orientation category: students particularly appreciate the practice-oriented courses offered and the use of external practitioners.