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Hochschule Offenburg Successful at Latest CHE Ranking

In its Fall University Ranking, the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) examined the Master's programs in Computer Science at various universities, including Offenburg. Prof. Dr. Tobias Lauer, Head of the Master's degree program Computer Science, is very pleased with the assessment: "The CHE ranking shows that we provide qualifications that are particularly vital to students. The practical experience is important: The lecture plan enables you to work up to 50 percent in addition to your studies, which also benefits the majority of our students. In addition, the involvement of external lecturers in the areas of management or data science is an important aspect of our practical orientation".

Based on the low number of students in the University's Master's program in Computer Science, only fact-based indicators were included in this latest ranking. The CHE ranking of the Bachelor's degree programs in computer science in spring 2018, however, also included students' assessments. Here, the University was among the top-ranked universities in terms of supervision, support at the start of studies and contact with professional practice. In particular, the students praised the support and advising they received, including the friendly atmosphere between students and professors, the support leading up to exams, for term papers and pre- and post-lectures, as well as the didactic skills of professors and lecturers. The students also felt well supported at the start of their studies, rating the teaching of study-relevant competences and study-help infrastructures such as the Learning Center particularly positively.

New programs and occupational fields in the context of digitization
Digitization is one of the major changes that will shape and change the economy and society in the coming years. Against this background, the University has continuously expanded and further developed its range of IT services in recent years.

For one year now, the Master's program in Computer Science has offered a focus on "Data Science and Analytics", in which future and practice-relevant topics such as Big Data are dealt with.

Since the 2017/18 winter semester, the Master's program in Enterprise and IT Security has been training specialists in IT security, information technology and business administration in a particularly practice-oriented way. These experts then have technical knowledge for secure IT operations, but are also familiar with business-management thinking and management tasks.

In the following winter semester, 2018/19, the Master's program in Business Information Systems was established. In contrast to 'pure' computer scientists, students in this program specialize in business applications and the design side of digitized business processes.

Finally, the Graduate School's new program Power and Data Engineering perfectly pepairs engineers for the modern energy secter by combining a deep understanding of energy systems with knowledge about smart grids and their underlying algorithms as well as modern IT and data-engineering methods.