FORUM#4: Energy for a better climate

By: cd/sg

These and other questions are researched at the Institute for Energy System Technology (INES) of the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. Here eight professors and their employees work interdisciplinarily in various projects in the far-reaching field of energy system technology. Research and development topics include smart grids, building energy technology, battery technology, hydrogen and fuel cell technology, photovoltaic technology, energy management and electromobility. The activities are aimed at improving energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energies. This not only saves energy costs, but also ensures greater climate protection.

The energy turnaround is to be promoted on a small, decentralised scale: Residential buildings or small businesses can significantly reduce their energy consumption through an intelligent combination of photovoltaics and small wind power plants, battery storage, electric cars, modern heating and air-conditioning technology and forward-looking control, and largely cover the remaining demand from renewable sources. On the way there, the Institute's scientists look deep into the details of the technologies needed to develop and improve them. 

About the person:

Prof. Wolfgang Bessler heads the Institute for Energy System Technology (INES), the largest research institute at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. His research area is battery and fuel cell technology, for which he operates the newly opened Enerlab 4.0 battery laboratory. He holds a doctorate in chemistry and habilitated at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Computing at the University of Heidelberg. Research stays have taken him to Stanford University, the California Institute of Technology and the Colorado School of Mines. His vision: "Enabling one hundred percent renewable energies by combining intelligent technologies".

Time and place:

FORUM Research on Campus, Part II
Institute for Energy System Technology
Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 19 h
Campus Offenburg, D 001