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Offenburg University is on the right track

[Translate to english:] Gopisetty, Bala Venkata Satyanarayana

Satyanarayana Gopisetty, currently completing his doctorate, comes from India and graduated from Offenburg University with a Master's Degree in Energy Conversion and Management (ECM).At his work, he is now responsible for the planning and optimization of decentralized energy plants. Professor Peter Treffinger, former ECM director and founder of the new program Power and Data Engineering (PDE), interviewed him:

Q: How well were you prepared though your studies for practical work in a company?
A: The combination of energy knowledge and methods allowed me to become productive in a short time. I am, therefore, very well integrated in the company and opportunities are constantly opening up for me.
Q: What advice do you have for Offenburg University with regard to the Master's degree programs in energy technology?
A: I would recommend further strengthening the methodological competencies, which is actually taking place in the current transition from ECM and PDE. The industry expects these competencies from te graduates, especially in the fields of cyber-physical systems and digitalization. I really enjoy working with graduates from the Offenburg University.