Information about scholarships

There will be plenty of information about sponsorship and savings opportunities on April 30 at the Scholarship Day.

At the scholarship day of the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg students can inform themselves comprehensively about providers and selection criteria:   

  • Who awards scholarships at all?   
  • What requirements do I have to fulfil?   
  • How do I find scholarships that match my personal profile?   
  • How does the selection procedure work?

The programme of the scholarship day on 30 April

Information booths:

11:30 h - 16:00 h Scholarship Information Stand (Campus Offenburg, Foyer D building)

13:00 h - 16:00 h Scholarship holders introduce themselves -Info stands of the "Begabtenförderwerke(Campus Offenburg, Foyer D building)


13:45 h - 14:45 h Scholarships - not only for single candidates. An overview of funding opportunities(Campus Offenburg, Room D 016)

14:45 h - 15:15 h Studying abroad - financing options (Campus Offenburg, Room D 016)

15:15 h - 15:45 h Catholic scholarships - What's that? The KHG informs.(Campus Offenburg, Room D 016)

Registration is not required. 


Contact us:

Dipl.-Päd. Jacqueline Obermann