Multinational University

Erneut haben die sieben internationalen Masterstudiengänge der Graduate School zum Wintersemester 2019/20 zahlreiche Studienanfänger aus dem Ausland nach Offenburg gelockt.

This means that almost every seventh of the new students does not have a German passport. The four countries most represented on campus among these first-year students are India (42), Turkey (17), France (12), and Poland (10). 112 of them have enrolled in a Master's degree program, 65 in a Bachelor's degree program. The most popular among first-year students from abroad are the international Master's degree programs Communication and Media Engineering (CME) with 27 new students, International Business Consulting (IBC) with 23, and Biotechnology (MBT) with 18. On the Bachelor's level, "Wirtschaftsinformatik" was the degree program most selected by new international students (11).

A special orientation program was held for the international first-year students, with a welcome by University Rector Prof. Dr. Winfried Lieber, a wealth of information and a city tour with the Senior Service.

All international students at Hochschule Offenburg are supported by the International Office and the Graduate School. Among other things, the staff arrange accommodations, offer individual advising, and organize varied cultural programs as well as a summer course in German language.