Top results for Offenburg University in CHE ranking

For example, the two Master's programs in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EIM) and Communication and Media Engineering (CME) were among the top two in the category "International Orientation in the Master's Program" in the field of Electrical Engineering/Information Technology. The Master's students of these two programs rate the "general study situation" as very good. And also in all other categories the values of these two study programs were better than the average values of all universities.

In the Master's program Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering (MME), Master's students rated the "study organisation" as very good. In the categories "International Orientation in the Master's program" and "Research Grants per Professor", this degree program also ranked among the best in the field of mechanical engineering. And also in this study program all values were better than the average values of all universities.

"The EIM program imparts sound knowledge that is of central importance with regard to future topics such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things or electromobility. The high demand for graduates in connection with the top position in the current CHE university ranking are undoubtedly an expression of the high professional attractiveness and the excellent study conditions in this proven range of courses", explained Prof. Dr. Tobias Felhauer, Dean of Studies for the Master of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Prof. Dr. Stephan Pfletschinger, Dean of Studies for the Master Communication and Media Engineering, commented on the very good result in the field of electrical engineering and information technology in general and for his course of studies in particular as follows: "We are pleased about the top group placement of the Masters in the categories 'General Study Situation' and 'International Orientation', to which the CME course of studies has also contributed as a fully English-language Master's course of studies. The outstanding general study situation was undoubtedly due to the unique personal support and guidance provided by the staff of the Graduate School throughout the entire course - a service that is only available in Offenburg in this form".

And Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hochberg, Dean of Studies for the Master of Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering, commented on the very good results of his degree program: "We are pleased that our MME has met with the approval of the students and that we have succeeded in presenting our research activities in the elective subjects in such a way that the students benefit from it. It is particularly important for our graduates in the Master's field that we have a good international reputation".

"The top results show that our concepts for 'good teaching' are working. Modern forms of teaching and learning, efficient supervision, flexible study structures or courses with high professional relevance have helped the university to achieve an excellent reputation, which our students perceive and reaffirm in the rankings," is how university rector Prof. Dr. Winfried Lieber summed up the very good results.

The CHE University Ranking

For more than 20 years, the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE) has been providing prospective students with information and transparency on more than 30 subjects in order to find the right offer. It is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking world, examining more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences and interviewing more than 150,000 students. In addition to facts about studying, teaching and research, the ranking also includes student assessments of the study conditions at their university. The ranking results are assigned to a top, middle and final group. The ranking of the Master's programs is now available on ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE at .