23rd International TRIZ Future Conference - TFC2023

This year, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, together with the European TRIZ Association (ETRIA), the European Association for systematic knowledge-based innovation with the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving", is organizing the 23rd edition ETRIA World Conference "TRIZ Future" under the motto "Towards AI aided Invention and Innovation".

The Conference will be held online at the Offenburg University, Germany, on 12-14 September 2023

Registration open (external link to the ETRIA registration page): TFC23 registration form

Programme (external link to the ETRIA programme page): TFC23 programme

The 23rd edition of the ETRIA World Conference "TRIZ Future", held annually since 2001, will feature more than 50 original papers, keynote speeches and best practices that combine AI and systematic invention and innovation in industry and society. This is the fourth time the conference is held in Germany, the conference language is English.

Scientific and selected practitioner's peer-reviewed papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings: Towards AI Aided Invention and Innovation as a part of the IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology Springer book series.

TRIZ is the russian acronym for Theorija Reshenija Izobretatelkih Zadach, which translates as "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving".

Main TFC2023 Topics

  • AI aided Invention and Innovation
  • AI application in New Product Development, Process Intensification or Business Innovation
  • AI and Innovation Management Process
  • Computer Science & AI partnerships with Theory of Inventive Problem Solving TRIZ and systematic innovation
  • Inventive design for industry 5.0
  • Inventive design for stakeholder capitalism and resilient economy
  • TRIZ in academia, industry, education, and society
  • Systematic innovation tools and methods

Keynote Presentations & Speakers

  • Alex Agulyansky - Identifying customer needs: harnessing AI for effective problem solving and innovation  //  LinkedIn-Profil
  • Xiaolan Fu, Yu Xiong - AI empowered technology valuation approach  //  LinkedIn-Profil, LinkedIn-Profil
  • Gerald Haman - How AI enhances the KnowBrainer innovation process  //  LinkedIn-Profil
  • Rod King - Chaotic problems, TRIZ, and AI-universal problem solving  //  LinkedIn-Profil
  • Ian Mitchell - AI and its possible impact on my structured problem solving experience - 25 years as a practitioner  //  LinkedIn-Profil
  • Nicolai Schumann - My muse, the robot - innovation and creativity in times of AI  //  LinkedIn-Profil
  • Valery Tsourikov - How new AI tools will change technical creativity in near future  //  LinkedIn-Profil

Important Dates

  • Early bird registration deadline: 30 June 2023
  • Registration deadline: 11 September 2023
  • Conference: 12-14 September 2023

Conference language: English

Partner and Sponsors

The conference’s main partner is the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).