Life Science Engineering

Life science engineering deals with the technical use of natural and life science findings. In the field of medical engineering, Hochschule Offenburg conducts research on cardiology (especially electrical stimulation and ablation) as well as on neurorobotics, hearing prosthetics, biomedical imaging and surgical navigation systems. In the field of biotechnology and environmental process engineering, the HSO focuses on biogas technology, thermal conversion processes and biological methanization.

The Peter Osypka Institute for Pacing and Ablation (POI) is one of the participating institutes.


Title MRT Untersuchungen an Herzdrähten und Elektroden
Short Name MRT Untersuchungen
Short Description MRT Untersuchungen an Herzdrähten und Elektroden
Peer Reviewed
Year Of Acquisition 2014
Start Date 2014-06-01
End Date 2015-03-31
Project Managers Ismer, Bruno, Prof. Dr.
Involved University Lecturers / Professors Ismer, Bruno, Prof. Dr.
Faculties EMI
Institution POIM
Funder Kind Industry
Private Funders Dr. Osypka AG, Rheinfelden
Public Funders
Cooperation Partners
Permission1 Internet
Permission2 Internet
Permission3 Internet
Permission4 Internet
Permission Reason(s)
Secrecy Remark
Publishing Restriction
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Research focus of the university Life Science Engineering

Project Finances

Year Amount Type Sum Description
Fördersumme brutto mit PP 5,000.00 €