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Title AutoTestWirelessWater
Project Id 2015045
Cost Centers 990101027
Short Name ATWW
Short Description Monitoring of the waterways is a key element for efficient and fair water distribution. After specific prototypes in hardware and software for energy efficient wireless sensor nodes have been developed in the project EnA²S²W² (funded by DAAD 2013 - 2015) for the channel monitoring, these systems now need extensive testing. This porejct shall also address the automated regression test of spatially distributed wireless nodes both in the labs of HS Offenburg (HSO) and in Pakistan in a structured approach, which allows scientific advances and close integration of the two research groups.
Year Of Acquisition 2015
Authorized Date 2015-11-17
Start Date 2016-01-01
End Date 2017-12-31
Duration 24 Month(s)
Active Years 2016 , 2017
Project Managers Sikora, Axel, Prof. Dr.
Involved University Lecturers / Professors Sikora, Axel, Prof. Dr.
Faculties EMI
Institution ivESK