The Deutschlandstipendium is a program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in which scholarships worth 300 euros per month are provided. Half of these scholarships are co-financed by the federal government, so that each scholarship sponsor can achieve double the effect with their contributions. The aim is to support talented students and thus strengthen the emerging scholarship culture in Germany.

What are the benefits of a Deutschlandstipendium at Offenburg University?

Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, as a practice-oriented academic institution, deliberately bases its teaching and research on the needs of the region's economy. Through teaching, research and technology transfer, it contributes to the success of the Ortenau innovation region. In the Ortenau, there is already a shortage of qualified specialists and junior managers; a situation that is expected to become even more acute in individual industry segments in the future. The Deutschlandstipendiums awarded by the University help to ensure that sufficient qualified young talent is available for the region's "hidden champions." Take the opportunity and become a sponsor of the Deutschlandstipendium at Hochschule Offenburg: More than half of it is paid by the state.

How can I get involved as a sponsor?

With 150 euros per month you can finance a scholarship of 300 euros per month. To be able to award a full scholarship, we need your commitment to support two semesters, i.e. you commit to providing 1,800 euros per year. Private individuals have the option of jointly financing a scholarship on a pro-rata basis.