Study in Offenburg

Welcome to Offenburg University!

This section contains information for students who plan to study at Offenburg University either as exchange students from one of our partner universities or as regular students enrolled in one of the international Bachelor's or Master's degree programs.

Offenburg University of Applied Sciences is a state-owned university of Baden-Württemberg offering Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in the fields of engineering, business and media.

As it is a state university, only non-consecutive study programs, which require some years of professional experience, charge tuition fees. All other programs are financed by the state and do not charge tuition fees. 

All degree programs are accredited by internationally recognized agencies such as ASIIN and FIBAA. Students benefit from the advantages of a smaller institution, with an excellent student-teacher ratio and personal attention from instructors. State-of-the-art media, electronic and mechanical laboratories and facilities, including WiFi access throughout campus, help students put their ideas into practice.

The University is known for its emphasis on practical skills and applied research, with close ties to the regional business community that includes many world-renowned companies. It is also strongly committed to providing an internationally oriented education.

The following services are offered especially to our international students:

International students from our partner universities and those who want to enroll in a German-language study program are supported by the International Office.

If you have any questions concerning one of the international Master's degree programs, the Graduate School team will be happy to assist you.

The Graduate School currently offers four international Master's degree programs: