Communication and Media Engineering

Die zentrale Idee und Vision ist es, eine wissenschaftliche und anwendungsorientierte Elite in den modernen Technologien der Telekommunikation und digitalen Medien auszubilden.



Master Thesis


General knowledge in Project Management and Scientific WritingBefore starting the Master’s Thesis, 102 credits must have been acquired.

Teaching methods Thesis/Seminar
Learning target / Competences

The students demonstrate the ability to independently work on a problem from the subject of the CME master’s course using scientific methods within a specified period. To this end, the following skills are acquired:

  • Formulation of a scientific approach for processing the selected task
  • Collecting, analyzing and evaluating information from relevant information sources (publications, books, etc.) and presenting the state of the art in the context of the task at hand
  • Structuring the topic
  • Clear presentation of the results, conclusions and further recommendations.
  • Creation of a scientific publication according to IEEE guidelines.
  • Making a final presentation of the results achieved
Duration 1
Hours per week 2.0
Classes 30 h
Individual / Group work: 870 h
Workload 900 h
ECTS 30.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

Thesis: Master ThesisPresentation and Defense RE must be passed.

Responsible person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Pfletschinger

Recommended semester 4
Frequency Every sem.

Master's degree program CME



Type Thesis
Nr. EMI440
Hours per week

The students develop the chosen topic following as a scientific project and document their approach and results in a thesis report.

Presentation and Defense

Type Seminar
Nr. EMI441
Hours per week 2.0

The students present the outcomes of their theis in an oral presentation.