Applicants with German university entrance qualification

If you are a so-called Bil­dungs­in­län­der, i.e. a non-German applicant holding German university entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, or HZB), you will be treated on equal legal terms with German applicants in the selection process. In other words, the application requirements and procedures are the same as for German nationals.

Applicants without German university entrance qualification

All international applicants without German university entrance qualification who would like to study at Offenburg University first have to submit their applications to the Stu­di­en­kol­leg Kon­stanz (STK). The STK assesses and validates your application documents along the guidelines of the ZAB (Central Office for Foreign Education, which is part of the German Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs). If your entrance qualification can be validated, the Studienkolleg will then issue the necessary certificates for you to apply to Of­fen­burg University. The STK also assesses international applicants’ German language proficiency and offers preparatory courses for studying in Germany.

Please note that the STK does not issue admissions itself, but  provides the necessary certification to apply for admission. You will still need to submit your application to Offenburg University by the deadline in order to be considered for admission.  

If you have questions regarding your application, including deadlines and requirements, please contact the Studienkolleg Konstanz directly.


In Germany, 8% of the places in each Bachelor's degree program are reserved by law for foreign applicants with non-German university entrance qualifications. Applicants from EU and EEA countries, as well as all foreign applicants holding German university entrance qualifications, are on equal terms with German applicants, i.e. their applications undergo the same selection and admission procedures as those of their German counterparts.

German language proficiency

For all German-language degree programs, German proficiency is a basic prerequisite. All international applicants, therefore, have to prove very good German language skills.

Before you enroll at a German university, you will need to pass the Deut­sche Sprach­prü­fung für den Hoch­schul­zu­gang aus­län­di­scher Stu­di­en­be­wer­ber (DSH), or the Test Deutsch als Fremd­spra­che (Test­DaF) with an average score of “TDN 4” and passing of all four subcategories. If you already hold a qualified Test­DaF certificate, you do not have to take the test again. See for more details.

Further information on the proof of German language proficiency and language-course offerings in Ba­den-Würt­tem­berg can be found on the website of the  Studienkolleg Konstanz.