Employees with Disabilities

The Representative Council for Severely Disabled Persons is responsible for promoting the integration of severely disabled persons at the university, representing the interests of severely disabled persons vis-à-vis the employer, and providing them with advice and assistance. If you as a severely disabled person have questions, need advice or support, you can make an appointment.
The representative body for severely disabled persons is also available to employees who are seriously ill or whose work is restricted by an illness.

The University of Applied Sciences Offenburg has adopted an inclusion agreement together with the representative for severely disabled persons (SBV) and the staff council. It specifies both the legal regulations and the goal of equal participation of severely disabled colleagues.
Among other things, it dealt with a legally very important aspect of this topic: the hiring process with the participation of severely disabled applicants.

Please note that in this case, severely disabled applicants must always be invited to an interview if their suitability cannot be obviously ruled out. In such a case, the SBV (Severely Disabled Persons' Representative Council) must always be involved in the procedure.
The dates of the interviews are to be sent out at least one week in advance by the personnel department to the applicants and the committees involved.
The selection is then to be made in such a way that the severely disabled person is to be selected if he or she is suitable for the position. This means that he/she does not have to be the best candidate. A suitability for the advertised position is sufficient. Please also note that only the criteria published in the job advertisement may be used as the basis for the assessment.
If you nevertheless decide against the severely disabled person, this must be justified. A rejection must be communicated in advance to the SBV (e-mail address: sbv@hs-offenburg.de) so that they can comment. A final rejection must then be justified in writing by the supervisor and must be stored in the application manager in the applicant's profile in the comments field under "Submit assessment → Proposal next step → Rejection".