About us



After your studies, you can still maintain and develop the relationships you have established at Offenburg University: The Alumni Network provides a platform to cultivate contacts, establish new relationships and share information. The network consists of former students from the Graduate School, now living in places around the world.


Services for our Alumni

  • Invitation to Alumni Events of the Graduate School
  • Yearly newsletter from the Graduate School
  • Possibility to attend University symposiums and events
  • Receipt of the "Campus" magazine  (on request)
  • Special rates for courses of the "Institut für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung" (link in German)
  • Participation in all sports and selected excursions
  • Personal use of the library (link in German), including research and consultation

Explore our new alumni map and see where our graduates come from. 94 countries, 6 continents and many cultures. Meet the people from all over the world at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.