Intercultural Competency Certificate

Intercultural Competency Certificate

To actively familiarize oneself with a new culture needs time and effort and can be an ongoing project for many years. Living in a foreign country, you may learn new things every day, speak a different language and get to know people from many places if you let yourself get involved. Acquiring intercultural competences will not only help you in your daily life at university, it will also prepare you for the challenges to come in the business world.

The International Center therefore offers the Intercultural Competency Certificate. To obtain this certificate, students might need to get a little out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves more in the “German way of life”. Also already existing competencies in intercultural understanding will be further developed and might have positive aspects on your future career.

In order to obtain the certificate, a minimum score of 10 points must be reached. The participation in the lecture “German Culture and Society”, which is awarded with 3 points, is mandatory. The remaining 7 points need to be chosen out of both of the elective elements.

Mandatory element:

Element A (Intercultural competence) Points

German Culture and Society



Elective elements:

Element B   (Intercultural commitment*) Points
Tutorial/Buddy for international students up to 15h 2
Tutorial/Buddy for international students more than 15h 3

Supporting the International Center at an event of the cultural program or organizing one session of the World Café

(3 events = 2 points)


Presentation of your home country at the International Evening



Element C (Intercultural education) Points
Language course at Offenburg University** 3
Lecture in German Language*** 3
Attendance at Seminar "Applying in Germany" or other seminars offered by the Career Center or the SWFR 2

Self-organized language interchange team (Tandem)

(regular meetings throughout one semester, recorded in a journal)


Participating in a speech in German

(e.g. FORUM lecture series)


World Café

(regular attendance for one semester)



Cultural program

(regular attendance for one semester)



* on a voluntary basis

** not part of the study and examination regulations, not in a native language

*** not part of the study and examination regulations

Here you can download the checklist in order to document the earned points: