New incoming students will be fully assisted with finding accommodations in Offenburg. Depending on capacity, students will be placed in a student residence or in private housing. For students at the Gengenbach campus, there are no student residences available, so private housing will be arranged.

Student Residence

Accommodation services for the student residences are provided by the Studierendenwerk Freiburg, or SWFR. The SWFR is responsible for 247 bedrooms in three different locations in Offenburg:

  • Zähringerstraße: 59 bedrooms
  • St.-Martin-Straße: 151 bedrooms
  • Goldgasse: 37 bedrooms

These residences differ in price ranging from € 189 to € 302, which usually includes all utilities. Normally you will have to pay a security deposit at the beginning of your stay. All three locations are within minutes of the campus by walking or by bike. The apartments vary in size, starting from one to larger flat-sharing communities. All residences have shared kitchens and bathrooms and are fully furnished. All residences have washing machines and dryers in the basement.

Please visit the Studierendenwerk Freiburg website for more information and pictures.

Private Housing

In private accommodations, you will have the opportunity to learn about German culture and lifestyle and to practice your German language skills. Such accommodation is provided in Offenburg/Gengenbach and close surroundings.

Rent prices for private accommodations typically range from € 300,00 to € 400,00, which may or may not include utilities. Also, there is normally an additional security deposit made at the beginning of your  stay. The accommodations vary in size. It may be a one room apartment, a flat with several rooms or a house with several rooms. All accommodations are fully furnished and include a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and all the pillows, blankets and bed linens needed during your stay. Usually there is a washing machine, or you can use the machine of the landlady/landlord.

For further information, please contact Ms. Claudia Michel.

Change of Address

In the event that you move to a different residence, you must notify the following of your new address:

  • Offenburg University
  • Office for Non-German Citizens
  • Residence Office
  • Your insurance provider

For an additional fee, you can also request for the Post Office to forward your mail (link in German).

New Accommodations During Your Studies

Unlike the services provided upon your first arrival, the University cannot guarantee new accommodation if needed during your studies (e.g. after a semester that was not spent in Offenburg). For a room in the dormitory, a new housing application form must be filled out. For private accommodation, you can utilize the German websites like or, which contains apartment listings. Interim rentals are also an option.

Of course there is also help and information available through the International Center. Please contact Ms. Claudia Michel with any questions.