Enterprise and IT Security (ENITS)

Do you aspire to a leadership position in the field of IT security? The advanced, comprehensive Master’s degree program Enterprise and IT Security (ENITS) of Offenburg University will open the doors for you and help you to achieve your goal.

Modul manual


Ethics and EU-Law


Ability to work scientifically (Literature study, presentation)

Teaching methods Lecture/Seminar
Learning target / Competences

After successful participation in the course students shall be able to:

  • understand and analyse ethical dilemmas in computer science.
  • derive a qualified judgement on the matter.
  • defend said judgement in discussions.


  • understand the respective legal provisions and evaluate the consequences therefrom for companies.
  • understand what kind of legal measures exist to check the security of IT systems.
  • understand the legal requirements in other areas of law that pertain to IT security, especially data protection laws, labor laws and contract laws.
Duration 1
Hours per week 4.0
Classes 60
Individual / Group work: 120
Workload 180
ECTS 6.0
Credits and grades

oral presentation (RE, Ethics) and written exam, 60 min. (K60, Law)

Responsible person

Prof. Dr. Erik Zenner

Recommended semester 1
Frequency Every 2nd sem.

M+I805: Topics like anonymity, privacy, hacking, whistleblowing, computer crime, espionage, Big Data, autonomy, artificial intelligence a.s.o. show the diversity of ethical questions that any expert on IT security will be faced with in his professional life.

M+I806: High level of relevance for anybody who aims at a career in IT and/or IT security