Enterprise and IT Security (ENITS)

Do you aspire to a leadership position in the field of IT security? The advanced, comprehensive Master’s degree program Enterprise and IT Security (ENITS) of Offenburg University will open the doors for you and help you to achieve your goal.

Modul manual


Software Security


The course stands on its own. Prior knowledge of Assembly and C is beneficial, but not required.

Teaching methods Lecture/Lab
Learning target / Competences

After successful participation in the course students shall have

  • knowledge and application skills with selected tools for “reverse engineering”
  • familiarity with basic considerations of security for software components and ability to evaluate them
  • understanding of the impact of security vulnerabilities within software components and competence in hardening/mitigating them
Duration 1
Hours per week 4.0
Classes 60
Individual / Group work:
Workload 360
ECTS 6.0
Credits and grades

written exam, 90 min. (K90, Software Security) and report (BE, Lab Software Security)

Responsible person

Prof. Dr. Dirk Westhoff

Recommended semester 1
Frequency Every 2nd sem.

Comprehensive knowledge of “reverse engineering” approaches and the capability to judge the security of software-components are increasingly required by potential employers of computer-science graduates.