Module manual


Business Management


Knowledge of basic strategic analysis tools, proficiency in scientific-academic working methods

Teaching methods Lecture/Seminar
Learning target / Competences

Students understand the importance of strategic management for corporate management. They know basic CSR concepts and their application in a strategic context and can apply these to use situations. They understand the guiding principle of sustainability as a normative framework for business model development.
The course is designed to promote an ability to think in a networked manner.

Duration 1 Semester
Hours per week 4.0
Classes 60 h
Individual / Group work: 120 h
Workload 180 h
ECTS 6.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

Strategic Management: written exam (K60)
Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar (CSR): term paper and oral presentation (HA+RE)
Weighting HA+RE: 75 % term paper, 25 % oral presentation

Responsible person

Prof. Dr. Sybille Schwarz

Recommended semester 6. Semester
Frequency Every sem.

Degree program:


Strategic Management

Type Lecture
Nr. W0156
Hours per week 2.0
  • Schools of thought on strategy formation (prescriptive and descriptive)
  • The business model as an expression of strategy
  • Principles of dynamic strategies
  • Strategic concept formation (information analysis, strategy development, strategy implementation, strategy review)
  • Newer approaches to strategy research and practice

Lombriser, R./Abplanalp, P. A. (2018): Strategisches Management, 7. ed., Zürich.
Bea, F.X./Haas, J. (2019): Strategisches Management, 10. ed., Stuttgart.
Gassmann, O. u.a. (2017): Geschäftsmodelle entwickeln, 2. ed., Munich.
Müller-Stewens, G./Lechner, C. (2016): Strategisches Management. 5. ed., Stuttgart.

Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar

Type Seminar
Nr. W0157
Hours per week 2.0

Conceptual foundations of corporate social responsibility and their application in business contexts


Baumast, A. et al. (2019): Betriebliche Nachhaltigkeitsleistung messen und steuern, Stuttgart.
Brühl, R. (2018): Corporate Social Responsibility, Munich.
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