Module manual


Business Management


Knowledge of basic strategic analysis tools, proficiency in scientific-academic working methods

Teaching methods Lecture/Seminar
Learning target / Competences

Students understand the importance of strategic management for corporate management. They know basic CSR concepts and their application in a strategic context and can apply these to use situations. They understand the guiding principle of sustainability as a normative framework for business model development.
The course is designed to promote an ability to think in a networked manner.

Duration 1 Semester
Hours per week 4.0
Classes 60 h
Individual / Group work: 120 h
Workload 180 h
ECTS 6.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

Strategic Management: written exam (K60)
Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar (CSR): term paper and oral presentation (HA+RE)
Weighting HA+RE: 75 % term paper, 25 % oral presentation

Responsible person

Prof. Dr. Sybille Schwarz

Recommended semester 6. Semester
Frequency Every sem.

Degree program:


Strategic Management

Type Lecture
Nr. B+W0156
Hours per week 2.0
  • Schools of thought on strategy formation (prescriptive and descriptive)
  • The business model as an expression of strategy
  • Principles of dynamic strategies
  • Strategic concept formation (information analysis, strategy development, strategy implementation, strategy review)
  • Newer approaches to strategy research and practice

Lombriser, R./Abplanalp, P. A. (2018): Strategisches Management, 7. ed., Zürich.
Bea, F.X./Haas, J. (2019): Strategisches Management, 10. ed., Stuttgart.
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Müller-Stewens, G./Lechner, C. (2016): Strategisches Management. 5. ed., Stuttgart.

Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar

Type Seminar
Nr. B+W0157
Hours per week 2.0

Conceptual foundations of corporate social responsibility and their application in business contexts


Baumast, A. et al. (2019): Betriebliche Nachhaltigkeitsleistung messen und steuern, Stuttgart.
Brühl, R. (2018): Corporate Social Responsibility, Munich.
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