The German-Polish Double-Degree Program is the only internationally cooperative Master's program in biotechnology in the state of Baden-Württemberg.



Biotechnological Processes from Lab to Market


Fundamentals of biotechnology and process engineering

Teaching methods Lecture/Lab
Learning target / Competences

Students are equipped with comprehensive understanding of all process steps relating to bioproducts of industrial importance.

They are able to define and assess the procedures for biomanufacturing. They know how to select the appropriate process steps and how to evaluate process alternatives.




Duration 1
Hours per week 8.0
Classes 120
Individual / Group work: 180
Workload 300
ECTS 10.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

written examination, 90 minutes, and laboratory report(s)

The module grade is composed of the exam grade (50%) and the laboratory grade (50%).

Credits and grades




Responsible person

Professor Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Eisele

Recommended semester 1
Frequency Annually (ws)

Master MBT


Biotechnological Processes from Lab to Market

Type Lecture
Nr. M+V2500
Hours per week 4.0

The students will aquire knowledge in the preparation of business cases and the finacial evaluation of biotechnological projects. Moreover, an introduction in the protection of intellectual property will be given. 

In a case study, students will aquire knowledge how to develop industrial products starting with bioinformatics via the recombinant expression of proteins in Pichia pastoris. The purification of proteins as well as the characterization of enzymes will be covered in depth. Bioanalytical knowledge is acquired in the field of Circular Economy. In detail, methods for bioanalytics are discussed (HPTLC, HPLC, GC and IC). Finally, knowledge is imparted in the area of upstream and downstream processing. This includes, for example, the production of cellulases in Trichoderma reesei.


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Biotechnological Processes from Lab to Market - Lab

Type Lab
Nr. M+V2501
Hours per week 4.0

The students will conduct several full day experiments:

  1. Buffer preparation, dilutions and protein quantification
  2. Enzyme Purification using Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography as well a SDS-PAGE
  3. Enzyme kinetic using the previously purified Enzymes
  4. Optinally: Bioreactor fermentation in 5 - 10 L scale

Script Lab to Market: Biotechnological Processes from Lab to Market