Enterprise and IT Security (ENITS)

Do you aspire to a leadership position in the field of IT security? The advanced, comprehensive Master’s degree program Enterprise and IT Security (ENITS) of Offenburg University will open the doors for you and help you to achieve your goal.

Modul manual


Mobile Security

  • Computer Networks (Computernetze)
  • Network Security (Netzwerksicherheit)
  • applied cryptanalysis
Teaching methods Lecture/Lab
Learning target / Competences

After successful participation in the course students shall be able to:

  • understand and assess basic mobile and wireless security aspects
  • understand selected security protocols and connection to infrastructure services of wireless networks as well as assess the security level provided
  • understand selected system security aspects, and vulnerability of mobile devices as well as assess the security level provided
Duration 1
SWS 4.0
Classes 60
Individual / Group work: 120
Workload 180
ECTS 6.0
Credits and grades

written exam, 90 min. (K90, Mobile Security) and report (BE, Lab Mobile Security)

Responsible person

Prof. Dr. Dirk Westhoff

Recommended semester 2
Frequency Every 2nd sem.

A comprehensive understanding of IT-security issues concerning mobile devices and wireless networks is in increasing demand by IT-sector employers.


Mobile Security

Type Vorlesung
Nr. M+I814
SWS 2.0
  • introduction

    • overview of threats and attack techniques in the context of mobile devices and wireless networks

  • system security of mobile devices

    • Android OS: covert channels over IPC, privilege escalation

    • code obfuscation techniques and reverse engineering methods for android

  • security protocols and wireless networks, such as

    • security considerations of cellular networks (GSM, UMTS), wireless local networks (WLAN 802.1, ZigBee WSN), PANs (Bluetooth), WIDS, DECT and L2 PiP injections (802.15.4)

    • messenger security

  • connection to infrastructure services

    • remote codes attestation

    • robust and secure OTA programming

    • key exchange between low-power (RFD) and high-performance devices (FFD)

    • Internet of Things: secure data monitoring and data storage

  • selected IEEE & ACM DLs publications
  • Levente Buttyan and Jean-Pierre Hubaux: Security and Cooperation in Wireless Networks, 2007

Labor Mobile Security

Type Labor
Nr. M+I815
SWS 2.0

See M+I814 Mobile Security


See M+I814 Mobile Security