Graduate School

International Profile with Distinction

Internationalization is an important and visible part of Offenburg University's study programs. The Master's degree programs of the Graduate School, conducted almost exclusively in English, offer students an excellent education in a global context.

In 1998 the first international Master's degree program was established at Offenburg University. Since then the Graduate School has systematically strengthened the international profile of its Master's degree courses, which today form an integral part of each study program.

The Master's programs at Offenburg University have received many awards. "Communication and Media Engineering" (CME), for example, was chosen by the Association for German Science and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as one of the 10 best international Master's courses at German universities in in 2008; it continues to be one of the most innovative international Master's programs in Germany.

The Graduate School coordinates the international Master's degree programs and is responsible for the common tasks inherent to the international nature of the programs, such as marketing, management, international alumni network, partnerships, and financing. 

The work of the Graduate School is supported by the Advisory Board, consisting of business leaders, the rector of the University, the head of the Graduate School and the directors of each study program.

Each of the Graduate School's study programs has a coordinator who provides comprehensive services related directly to or around your studies.