Module manual


General Business Administration


Mathematical foundations

Teaching methods Lecture
Learning target / Competences

Students receive an overview of the central functional areas of business administration and a guiding framework for the assessment of business administration issues.
The company as the subject area of business administration is to be understood as part of society.
This module also serves to train personal qualities such as the abilities to think independently, critically and in an interconnected manner.

Duration 1 Semester
Hours per week 4.0
Classes 60 h
Individual / Group work: 90 h
Workload 150 h
ECTS 5.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

Written exam (K90)

Responsible person

Prof. Dr. Sybille Schwarz

Recommended semester 1. Semester
Frequency Every sem.

Bachelor’s degree programs:
Betriebswirtschaft/Logistik und Handel
Medientechnik/Wirtschaft plus
Wirtschaftsinformatik plus


General Business Administration

Type Lecture
Nr. W0101
Hours per week 4.0
  • Basic concepts and methods of business administration
  • Companies and their environment, typologies of the company
  • Financial processes: Types of financing, basic financial analysis, finance planning, investment
  • Performance processes: Purchase planning, production, marketing
  • Management processes: Organization, human resources, management

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