Module manual


Practical Semester

Teaching methods Internship
Learning target / Competences
  • The educational objectives of the practical semester in a company are:
  • to be able to assess the company as a social factor
  • to develop an understanding of the internal work processes as well as the interaction of the company's divisions
  • toto understand the company's relations to the environment, in particular to the procurement and sales markets as well as to the labor market
  • To be able to solve complex tasks in at least two operational functional areas
  • gain experience in participating in project groups
Duration 1 Semester
Classes 0 h
Individual / Group work: 900 h
Workload 900 h
ECTS 30.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

Students prepare a report (approx. 20 pages) on their practical semester and, at a separate event at the University, report on their experience in a plenary session. Presentations may also take place in other semesters.

Responsible person

Prof. Dr. Michael Otte

Recommended semester 5. Semester
Frequency Every sem.

Bachelo's degree program:
Betriebswirtschaft (Bachelor)