Module manual


Required Electives

Teaching methods Subject-Specific
Learning target / Competences

In their choice of electives, students can take their studies in a variety of directions:

  • through a content-related extension of the study contents,
  • a methodology-related extension,
  • a broadening of the social and political background to their studies,
  • or by personal affinities and interests

Students acquire in-depth specialist knowledge in these courses and can apply it in business practice.

Duration 1 Semester
Hours per week 8.0
Classes 180 h
Individual / Group work: 360 h
Workload 540 h
ECTS 12.0
Responsible person

Prof. Dr. Thomas Baumgärtler

Recommended semester Wählbar vom 2. bis 7. Semester
Frequency Every sem.

Bachelor's degree program: