Module manual


Marketing Management


Basic Marketing

Teaching methods Lecture/Seminar
Learning target / Competences

Students are able to apply the methods and tools of customer relationship management and transfer the knowledge gained to various industries. Through insight into a common CRM software, they also expand their IT knowledge in this area. Using practical case studies and a real company project, each worked on in small groups, students expand their social competence and communication skills.

Duration 1 Semester
Hours per week 6.0
Classes 90 h
Individual / Group work: 180 h
Workload 270 h
ECTS 9.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

Module assessment: Written exam (K60) and project work (PR)
Weighting: 35% K60, 65% PR

Responsible person

Prof. Dr. Larissa Greschuchna

Recommended semester 1. oder 2. Semester
Frequency Annually (ws)

Betriebswirtschaft (Master)
Wirtschaftsinformatik (Master)


Customer Relationship Management

Type Lecture
Nr. W1148
Hours per week 2.0

Based on the goals of a holistic CRM, the course first covers fundamental principles (especially customer value, customer life cycle, interdependencies), followed by an elaboration of the strategic and operational measures of CRM. In addition, basic sectoral, process-related and change-management requirements in the context of the implementation of CRM approaches are taught and typical implementation obstacles are explored. Finally, insights into a CRM software solution are given. The lecture material is enhanced by case studies and presentations from business practice.


Bruhn, M. (2016): Kundenorientierung: Bausteine für ein exzellentes Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 5. rev. ed. Beck im dtv.
Kreutzer, R.T. (2016): Kundenbeziehungsmanagement im digitalen Zeitalter: Konzepte, Erfolgsfaktoren, Handlungsideen. 1. ed. Verlag W. Kohlhammer.
Helmke, St.; Uebel, M.; Dangelmaier, W. (2013): Effektives Customer Relationship Management: Instrumente – Einführungskonzepte – Organisation. 5., rev. ed. SpringerGabler.
Additional, current and advanced literature will be announced in the course.

Marketing Projects

Type Seminar
Nr. W1149
Hours per week 4.0

Work in small groups on specific marketing problems (projects) from business practice, e.g. conducting market analyses, customer surveys, designing/creating prototypes, website optimizations or developing marketing concepts.


No predefined literature; depending on the individual projects.