Module manual


Lean Production 2


Basic knowledge of production management and value stream and process design.

Teaching methods Lecture/Excercise/Lab
Learning target / Competences

The Virtual Engineering lecture and lab are designed to teach students about consistent digital and virtual methods and tools in the development, planning and implementation of product and production processes in theory and practice. Data management and data exchange are also considered, in particular the continuous interaction of PLM, ERP and MES software. Due to digitalization and virtualization, digital enterprise platforms, digital twins and the use of simulation tools in engineering processes (digital lean) are becoming increasingly essential and are therefore elementary in the professional activities of industrial engineers.
Students will learn to recognize and lastingly solve various problems and tasks as well as interfaces along the digitalized value creation process, from the product idea to series production. Various digital planning and VR tools are used for this purpose. They provide companies with important tools for a high level of innovation, its rapid, economic and efficient introduction, through to rapid and cost-optimized series production.

Duration 1 Semester
Hours per week 6.0
Classes 90 h
Individual / Group work: 180 h
Workload 270 h
ECTS 9.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

Module assessment: Written exam (K60) and practical work (PA)
Weighting: 35% K60, 65% PA

Responsible person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Köbler

Recommended semester 1. oder 2. Semester
Frequency Annually (ss)

Betriebswirtschaft (Master)
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Master)


Virtual Engineering

Type Lecture/tutorial
Nr. W1125
Hours per week 2.0
  • Virtual engineering foundations and strategy
  • Overview and insights into different virtual engineering tools
  • Strategy and methodology of the digital factory
  • Digitalization in engineering and production processes

Köbler (2021): Lecture script
Grasnik (2020): Grundlagen der Virtuellen Realität, Springer
Bangsow (2020): Technomatix Plant Simulation, 2. ed., Springer
Bracht (2018): Digitale Fabrik, 2. ed., Springer
Herbst, S. (2018): Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Hanser-Verlag
Bauernhansl, (2018): Handbuch Industrie 4.0 (vols. 1-4), Springer

Virtual Engineering Lab

Type Lecture/lab
Nr. W1127
Hours per week 4.0

In a practical project work (PA), students learn and practically implement the methods and software tools taught in class. This significantly advances their theoretical knowledge and allows them to complete an industry-related task in a very application-oriented manner. Working in groups also significantly promotes social skills and interdisciplinary teamwork.


Software tutorial Vistable, Virtual Engineering Lab
Software tutorial Plant Simulation, Virtual Engineering Lab
Software tutorial Virtual Reality, Virtual Engineering Lab
Bangsow, (2020): Technomatix Plant Simulation, 2. ed., Springer