The Deutschlandstipendium is a program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in which scholarships worth 300 euros per month are provided. Half of these scholarships are co-financed by the federal government, so that each scholarship sponsor can achieve double the effect with their contributions. The aim is to support talented students and thus strengthen the emerging scholarship culture in Germany.

Further Information

Since when have German scholarships been available at Hochschule Offenburg?
The Hochschule Offenburg has been offering German scholarships since the winter semester 2011/12.

What are its legal foundations?
The law for the creation of a national scholarship program (Scholarship Program Law - StipG) and the university's own statutes for the awarding of Deutschlandstipendien. There is no legal entitlement to the DeutschlandStipendium.

How many students at Hochschule Offenburg have received a Deutschlandstipendium?
In the first year, 13 scholarships were awarded; meanwhile, there are 29 students who have benefited from it.

How much is the grant?
Students receive 300 euros per month.

How long is the support?
The funding lasts for at least two semesters and covers a maximum of the standard period of study. After one year, a review is carried out to determine whether the eligibility criteria are still being met.

Is the scholarship also paid out during a leave semester?
No, the scholarship cannot be paid out to students on leave.

Is the scholarship income-based?
No, the Deutschlandstipendium is not dependent on income.

Does the scholarship count towards BAföG support?
No, the BAföG funds and Deutschlandstipendium are complementary programs. Students can benefit from both funds at the same time without deductions.

Is parallel scholarship funding possible?
This depends on the amount and type of scholarship funding. Students who already receive talent- and performance-based support from a "Begabtenförderungswerk", the German Academic Exchange Service, or the Stiftung Begabtenförderung Berufliche Bildung, or from another domestic or foreign institution that amounts to an average of 30 euros or more per month, are not eligible for a Deutschlandstipendium. Scholarship recipients of the Begabtenförderungswerke must forego material support if they wish to receive a Deutschlandstipendium. Double sponsorship is therefore ruled out.

Does the money have to be paid back?
No, in contrast to BAföG support, Deutschlandstipendium receipients do not have to repay any of the funds.

Who can apply for a Deutschlandstipendium at Hochschule Offenburg?
All students enrolled at Hochschule Offenburg can apply, even before the start of their studies or during their practical semester.

What are the selection criteria?
Selection criteria are, among others, special achievements and talents: for first-year students in the form of the grade of the university entrance qualification, for students of Hochschule Offenburg the ECTS points achieved so far and the average grade performance. In addition, special achievements are taken into account, awards and prizes or previous professional activity, extracurricular or extracurricular commitment such as volunteer work, social or political commitment, participation in religious societies, associations or clubs, special personal or family circumstances such as illnesses or disabilities, caring for children, especially as a single parent, or for relatives in need of care, participation in a family business, student employment, family origin, or a migration background.

Who decides on the selection at Hochschule Offenburg?
There is a selection committee which decides on the award.

When can I apply for a Deutschlandstipendium at Hochschule Offenburg?
Hochschule Offenburg announces the Deutschlandstipendium annually for the winter semester. Thus, the next opportunity to apply is August/September 2022.

How can I apply?
Please fill out and sign the application form, scan it and e-mail it together with all accompanying documents in one PDF file to: A postal-mail application is not possible.


What are the benefits of sponsoring a Deutschlandstipendium at Hochschule Offenburg?
As a practice-oriented academic institution, Hochschule Offenburg actively orients its teaching and research very closely towards the needs of the regional economy. In the Ortenau region, a shortage of qualified young specialists and managers can already be observed today; a situation that will become even more critical in the future in some industry segments. The Deutschlandstipendiums of the University contribute to the availability of qualified junior staff for the 'hidden champions' of the region.

How can I get involved?
With 150 Euro per month you can finance a scholarship of 300 Euro per month. For the award of a full scholarship, we need your commitment to support two continuous semesters, which means you commit to providing 1,800 euros per year. For private individuals there is the possibility to jointly finance a scholarship on a pro-rata basis.

Can I choose the candidate I want to support?
Thanks to a matching database, sponsors can select a scholarship recipient from those selected who matches them and choose this person to support.

Are scholarship recipients and sponsors in contact with each other?
Through the selection option via the matching database and at exclusive events for scholarship recipients and sponsors, such as the get-to-know-you reception in December, close contact is established between sponsors and students.

Who are current sponsors?