Applied research, innovation and technology transfer are some of the cornerstones of Hochschule Offenburg. We have built strong alliances with regional as well as national and international businesses, research institutes and educational establishments. These close contacts, both within and across networks, guarantee continued access to innovative fields of application; our partners in turn benefit from the latest scientific findings and developments.

Research projects conducted by our academic staff and fellows frequently result in doctoral dissertations that are supervised in cooperation with our partner universities in Germany and abroad.

The Institute for Applied Research is the main contact for R&D projects at or in cooperation with Offenburg University. In addition, there are six major scientific institutes on campus dedicated to specific research areas:

The research project “Industry on Campus” is a cooperation with companies that develop, produce or operate renewable-energy facilities, with a focus on biogas production from renewable resources.

The research group "Analytics und Data Science" is concerned with modern methods and technologies of data management and (big) data analysis to obtain new findings from data and to increase economic benefits for companies.