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Door opener to studies: the campus user ID

All university members automatically have a Campus-Benutzerkonto, consisting of a personal university e-mail address, a personal data directory and access to various online services of the university. Your access data (campus user ID, consisting of user name and a personal initial password) will be sent to you upon enrollment.
Problems with the campus user account?
Then first read the Hilfeseite Campus-Benutzerkonto (only accessible in the internal network or via VPN), or contact the Helpdesk.
At the bottom of this page you will also find a form for your inquiries.

The university mail address is even more important than usual this semester. Not only for emails, but also for logging in to different services. Mails and calendars are accessible via Webmail but can also be accessed with a locally installed mail program or smartphone app. Course-specific and university-wide information is distributed via mailing lists, in which all students are automatically registered.

So: set up an account, check your mails regularly. Anleitung zum Einrichten (Accessible in the internal network or via VPN)

Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous. That's why we explain in the following videos, how you can conveniently access university e-mails, calendars and contacts on your mobile Android or iOS devices. mobile devices.

You will find more information on this here: Wiki The Campus IT (only in Hochschule network or by VPN)

E-Mail-Access (Android)

E-Mail access (iOS)

Calender access (iOS)

Contact access (iOS)

Virtual Private Network - Your access to the net and the prerequisite for almost everything. With VPN you can work from home as if you were on site. Web-VPN is possible, but we clearly recommend installing the VPN client.
Important: You need this service for many applications of the university (e.g. library) and also to read the help wiki.

How do I set up VPN? Click here for instructions.

In the Moodle learning management system, almost all courses have their own course room. There you can find information and materials about the course such as lecture notes, scripts and curriculum,...

Increasingly, assignments are also set in Moodle, but above all, communication between lecturers and students takes place via Moodle..

So if you are not logged into your courses here, you may miss important information and deadlines. Access to the rooms is usually restricted to university members. You can either log in with your campus user account or get an access key from the respective lecturer. Log in as soon as you have the data so that you can be sure to receive all lecture information..

Anleitung zu Moodle

The library has many electronic offers in its program: textbooks, databases and e-learning offers. In order to use these services, you must identify yourself as a member of the Hochschule Offenburg: Either establish a connection to the university network with the VPN-Client (with standard profile) or log in with your campus user data.

You will find support on the: Homepage Hochschule Library

More interesting video trainings on business, technology & IT, creativity are also available at LinkedIn Learning

Die Angebote der Bibliotheken in Offenburg und Gengenbach können natürlich auch vor Ort genutzt werden. Beachten Sie dazu die jeweiligen Öffnungszeiten und Hygienebestimmungen.

The Video Conference-Software Zoom is free to use with the Campus user account. Many lectures are conducted as live zoom conferences: Image and sound are and sound are transmitted, and screen content is shared. Access is granted via a link that lecturers send to the participants. participants. The software may also be used for learning groups or similar. Please note the Netiquette (de) bzw. Netiquette (en) and the instructions for Zoom (both only in the internal network or accessible via VPN).

The hochschulinterne Chat for the exchange between lecturers and students or between students. Anyone with a campus user account can log in. In addition to general information in the "General" channel, the HSO-Chat is also used for courses, or as a secure, university-internal alternative to WhatsApp. It works in the web browser, but can also be installed on the computer or smartphone as an app. Brand new this semester: The channel "Freshmen" for the exchange among each other.


HSO-Chat-Anleitung (Accessible on the internal network or via VPN)

This gives you access from home to your privates Home-drive. You can store data there, synchronize it with multiple devices and share it with other users..

More about Filr on the CIT page (accessible in the internal network or via VPN)

A service for securely synchronizing and sharing data. All users at the university have 50 GB of storage space at their disposal, and can store files as well as set up and share folders. Very practical, e.g. for group work, to access shared documents, but also to back up data for final theses. Access is possible via the web browser after logging in with the campus user ID, with the client it is even more convenient.


Link zu bwSync&Share

Link zur Anleitung

Multifunction devices for printing, scanning and copying are available for all university members, connected to the university's "Follow-me" system. You can start the print job at home via VPN and then have it output to the device at the university using your OSKAR card. Alternatively, you can log in via the bw teaching pool and print via it.


Link zur Anleitung auf der CIT-Seite (Accessible in the internal network or via VPN)

OSKAR, the Offenburg Student Card is a student ID, but it has many more functions: You need it for the library, to copy, print and scan, to pay in the canteen and cafeteria, ...

You get the card at the beginning of your studies, in each new semester you have to update the card once on site (in Offenburg or Gengenbach).

Info about OSKAR:

Moodle, Tools & Apps

Meier, Barbara

Meier, Barbara


  • Room: D206
  • Badstraße 24 Offenburg


Learning platform Moodle


(Doku only by VPN) - also private access channels for project/learning groups

Video platform / Media library

Video conference-System
( Doku only by VPN) - for online lectures, but also for project/learning groups

Further systems (login with your campus user account):

  • Filr ( Doku only by VPN): for sharing directories and files
  • bwSync&Share ( Doku ): for real-time working on shared documents
  • bwCloud ( Doku ): pvia click to your own virtual server for final/project work or others

Hilfen im Studium

Wir kennen das alle: Manchmal ist man an einem Punkt angelangt, an dem es von selbst nicht mehr weitergeht. Dann ist es gut, wenn man jemanden fragen kann. Im Lernzentrum stehen erfahrene Tutorinnen und Tutoren für Sie bereit, die sich mit Mathematik, Physik, Chemie, Informatik oder Technischer Mechanik auskennen.

Der Mathe-Helfer für die Hosentasche: Bereiten Sie sich mit Hilfe der Mathe-App auf Ihrem Smartphone auf die Anforderungen der verschiedenen Studiengänge in Mathematik vor. Ob im Brückenkurs, in der Lerngruppe oder im Zug. Die Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen sind immer gerade einen Griff entfernt.

Zu Beginn Ihres Studiums haben Sie bestimmt viele Fragen. Dann ist es gut, jemanden mit Antworten an Ihrer Seite zu haben. Das sind unsere Mentorinnen und Mentoren, die für Sie da sind. Sie studieren in der Regel das gleiche Fach wie Sie, haben schon mehr Erfahrung und wissen deshalb, wie es an unserer Hochschule so läuft.

Lernzentrum und Mentorenprogram

Academic Staff Member

Schindler, Justine  M.Sc.

Schindler, Justine


  • Room: A107
  • Badstraße 24 Offenburg